28 January 2011

Winter so far

Here we are.  It's 2251 on 28Jan11.  I can't believe that it's almost February...and I can't believe that this month has been the snowiest January on record here in RI.  We have had a major snow storm or blizzard at least once a week since Christmas!  While the snow is beautiful, and I love taking pictures of it, really, I'm done with winter for the year.  And now for the part that I know you are waiting for.  Here are some of my favorite pictures so far from this winter.  What do you think?

Anyone wanna take a swim?

My car

Looking off our deck

Some of our trees

Our mail box (it's way more covered now)

Our house

Up the street

Down the street

The big pine tree across the road from our house

Our house

Our house

My car is under there somewhere...

Even Frosty has had enough of the snow

Keeghan was watching mommy take pictures

This gives whole new meaning to "icicle lights"

The large branch that almost hit the woodshed at my In-Laws

The Apple tree in my In-Laws front yard

I love the sun spots on this one!

Looking down my In-Laws driveway

Looking down the drive way at my In-Laws, same pic as the one above, just edited a bit differently

The Apple Tree in front of my In-Laws house

09 December 2010

My latest shoot

I'm incredibly behind in posting these...but I guess it's better late then never, right?  These are the pictures I took of Ricky and Anna the day Ricky asked Anna to marry him!

21 October 2010

Sarah M

Here's some shots from a recent photo shoot that I did.